Here are a number of logos that I have created over the years for various games and other purposes.

The first batch of logos on this page were created for game developer Kabam. All rights to these logos (up through Edgecase) belong to Kabam, not myself.

Spirit Lords was large Kabam mobile title released in May of 2015 (where it was awarded Editor's Choice in the Apple app store.)
The lettering for most of the logo was created by Daniel Reeve, an extrordinary designer whose calligraphy and map woks have appeared in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films.
I did all of the 3D work and rendering, along with redesigning the letter-work from its original game title, 'Spirit Storm.'

Kabam Spirit Lords logo

Star Wars: Uprising is another big hit Kabam game set in the Star Wars universe. The logo references spaceship hulls and revolutionary graffiti.

Kabam Star Wars Uprising logo

Arcane Empires was a Kabam game set ina steampunk / fantasy world. I was the co-Art Director of the tile (along with Wan Yong, Ad in Kabam's Beijing office.)
The goal of this logo was to combine the color palette use throughout the game with hints of both steampunk and magic.

Kabam Arcane Empires logo

Kabam's first mobile game, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, a huge hit at the time. This logo was adapted from the original KoC logo, artist unknown.

Kabam KBN stacked logo
Most logos that I created at Kabam were laid out in both stacked and horizontal formats for use within different contexts.
I'll refrain from filling up the page with multipe versions of each logo, but here's an example of a logo formatted for a taller orientation.

Kabam KBN logo

Another Camelot mobile game, this one was cancelled before launch. The logo is meant to match the others in the same family.

Kabam Saxon Invasion logo

Mobile Command was Kabam's second mobile game, a mobile version of the web game Global Warfare. It was not widely released.
The original logo was designed by Brian Hagan and I reworked and polished it to this final state.

Kabam Mobile Command logo

Mystic Legends was a Kabam project that never was completed. I created the logo partly for the game and
partly as part of an in-house demo for the Kabam art team on tips and techniques for creating logos.

Kabam Mystic Legends logo

One of my early tasks as Kabam's first Art Director was to rebrand the company form Watercooler Inc to Kabam.
I did not create this logo but I did Art Direct its creation.

Kabam logo

Pyramid was some proprietary Kabam technology that the PR team wanted to publicize.
This logo specifically references the colors and style of the Kabam logo.

Kabam Pyramid logo

At one point Kabam divided into some short-loved studios, among them "Edgecase." This was the logo for that studio.

Kabam Edgecase logo

Social Moray was the social games division of social network hi5. (I came up with the name, too.)

Social Moray logo

The Legend of Spirehold was one Social Moray's first games.

Spirehold logo

Tachyon Publications is a long-time San Francisco science fiction and fantasy book publishing company.
They've been using my logo for the company for 20 years (and recently celebrated with a wonderful cake based on the logo!)

Tachyon logo

Urban Aphrodite is my wife's company. She makes jewelry out of recycled zippers. See them (and perhaps buy one?) here.

Urban Aphrodite logo

This was the logo for my own personal collection of steampunk portraits.

Steam Scene logo

Mage Maze is an indie game I've been working on for years, a puzzle game about exploring a maze-like dungeon.

Mage Maze logo

Waffle Evil is an indie game company I co-founded, currently working on a strategy game called Dwarfare...

Waffle Evil logo

...And here's the logo for the aforementioned Dwarfare. This logo is almost entirely 3D, modelled in the same style as the game's characters and environments.
We could place it in our game if we wanted to and it would look pretty much like this.

Dwarfare logo

I was contracted by PlayStudios to create a logo for a Multi-Game Jackpot event in their game MyVegas.
It had to be colorful and match the established style of the other 'Jackpot' logos.

MultiGame Jackpot logo

PlayStudios also needed me to create a logo for specific prizes in-game, specifically ones that were from or related to California.

Uniquely California logo

And yes, I can do more corporate-looking work as well. This logo is for a consulting company specializing in helping get the voices of multiple stake-holders heard.

TTE logo

A logo for a table-top role playing game system. The client wanted something runic in steel with gold accents and "gjallerhorns."
I devised the runic-looking writing myself and really hit the target for the client.

Helheim Unbound logo

Concert Spectator is a site that showcases photography and reviews for rock concerts.
I was asked to design their logo to fit well with the black and white site design, which allows the colorful concert photography to take center stage.

Concert Spectator logo

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