MageMaze is an indie mobile game that I've been working on for about 5 years with Kristof Minnaert.
(We've both been busy working on AAA games as our day jobs, which has always been a higher priority than the side project.)
MageMaze is a puzzle-based dungeon-crawler where you not only explore the dungeons but also get to rearrange the environment
by sliding rows and columns of tiles to block monsters and allow yourself access to treasures and weapons.
You play Sviking warrior Svenn the Svalliant. You wander the dungeons of the evil Yngvarr the Ynvoker
in search of gold, treasures, and weapons with which to slay the creatures therein.

Here are some screens from the game:

Please ignore the note about playing the demo at It is no longer available there.

I did literally all of the artwork in the game,
including character design, pixel animation, effects, environments, illustrations, & and UI.
Here are some of the character and effects animations:

Svenn the Svalliant

Kobald, Troll and SkjellyJelly

Minotaur, Golem, and UmberHulk

Wraith, Dwarf, and Infjernal

Yngrid, Leif the Thief, Johann the Johandsome, and Yngvarr the Ynvoker

A treasure chest, an acid pool, the effect for when Svenn fights a monster, and gold coins

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