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Page last updated on
August 8th, 2006

This is very much a work-in-progress. I haven't got to everyone yet. But I had to get it up on the site because the old links page was so out of date!

A collection of artists, many of whom I know,
either in RL or via forums, others whose work I just really admire. (So if your name is on here, and we've never actually met,
please drop me a line to chat!)

Bengal - L'Angle B
Linda Bergkvist - Furiae
Eric Browning
Celia Calle
Clio Chiang
Ben Caldwell - Dare Detectives
Emmanuel Charon - Spacesnail
Peter deSeve
Sacha Angel Diener - Dreamdimensions
Matt Dixon
Jonny Duddle - Duddlebug
Aly Fell - Darkrising.co.uk
Michel Gagne
Rodolphe Guenoden
Eddie Holly
Marty Ito - MammyZ Factory
Kazu Kibuishi - Bolt City
Jacques Lamontagne
April Lee
Bob MacNeil - Taming Light
Patricia McCracken
Theresa Mather - Rock, Feather, Scissors
Craig Mullins
Alberto Ruiz - aka Dr. Cyberfunken
Chris Sickels - Red Nose Studio
Xia Taptara
Fahrija Velic
Jen Wang
Claire Wendling
Robin Yangge

Where I hang out. My handle, not surprisingly, is 'walrus.'

The Drawing Board

Adam's & Erica's Annual Gingerbread-house Making Party

Scott Pullman & Mike Miller - Acoustic S & M

Geoff Duncan