Bubble World zones

In 2021, I got to spend a while working on a fun mobile game where you travel to many different locations throughout time, visiting and repairing bubbles of time. The locations varied from contemporary every-day scenes to fantastic locations in the past and future. I was responsible for coming up with the visual approach to all of these bubbles, illustrating them, and populating each with various objects that the player could collect, restore, and level up. The five objects in each scene always included a person and usually a vehicle, while the rest were left to whatever made sense for that particular scene. I arrived at a cute, vector-based illustration approach which matched the visual style of the game, looked fun and engaging, and was easy to read on a mobile phone. These are some of the zones that I created for the since-cancelled game “Bubble World.”

Pirate Island


Ancient Egypt


Napa Valley Winery


European Ski Lodge


Calgary Rodeo


1980s Miami


Japanese Robot Store


Cruise Ship


Spooky Romanian Castle


Game Title Screen