Dracula’s Feast (tabletop game)

In 2018 I worked with tabletop game publisher Jellybean Games on their social deduction game ‘Dracula’s Feast,’ which was then successfully funded on Kickstarter. For this title, I produced almost all of the visual elements for the game: Card artwork, graphic design, logos for the characters, game and series, reference cards, and the full box art and design. I was asked to make the cards and the entire game vibe reminiscent of old monster movie posters.

Here is a note from Jellybean’s Creative Director Peter C. Hayward about my work for them:

Michael’s talented and creative interpretation of whatever brief he’s given makes him an utter joy to work with. Before each project, we used to think “Is this one we can use Mike on?” – after working with him for almost 2 years, we now come up with projects specifically with Michael in mind.
Dracula’s Feast box cover



Card back
Accusation Card back
Whisper Card back and both Whisper cards



Back of box