Party Blast – Lindsey and Jess

Lindsey (the white cat) and Jess (the tan cat) were designed as mascots/hostesses for ‘Party Blast’ a casual, competitive, mobile puzzle game. The theme of the game is anthropomorphized cats attending parties. The characters appear on the title screen, throughout the game to give tutorials on how to play, and on the “game over” score summary screen at the end of the game.

This page only features the character design work that I did for the title, but I actually did all of the art throughout the game. You can see more art from ‘Party Blast’ here.

Lindsey and Jess on the Party Blast title screen


Hosts Lindsey and Jess in front of one of the game’s backgrounds


Celebratory pose for when you win the game


…or an alternate shot of Lindsey and Jess for when you run out of time .