Party Blast (Art Lead)

Party Blast is a casual, competitive “match-3” type game from Tether Studios, where you tap on connected groups of tiles of the same colors to blast (collect) them, earning power-ups by collecting particularly large groups of tiles and using them to hit goals spread around the screen.

I created every single visual for this game; I started with early theme concepts and ideation on what in-game tiles, goals and characters might look like. Once the team decided upon a theme and direction, I moved on to illustrating every tile in the game. I designed the hostess characters Lindsey and Jess for the title and illustrated them for several different screens. I created all in game animations and visual effects, the user interface, and all of the marketing artwork, app icon, and the game logo.

You can find the game in the Apple app store here.


Party Blast logo



Party Blast app icon
Party Blast title screen with your hostesses, Lindsey and Jess
Early iteration on themes and tiles
game screen
game screen
game screen
in-game tutorial


app store images
Lindsey and Jess in front of one of the game’s backgrounds
Celebratory pose for when you win the game
…And a sad pose for when you run out of time.