Valley of the Vampire Vixens


This piece was done for a CGSociety Challenge with the theme of B-movies. I wanted to create my own take on a typical poster of the times, complete with garish palette, sexy women, anatomically improbable dinosaurs, and florid prose. This piece was created over a two month period of sporadic work in Photoshop, primarily just using a single oil brush.

Here was my required write-up of the poster:

“In a land forgotten by time, dinosaurs still roam! Herbivorous sauropods forage for plants, vicious theropods hunt them down… and at the top of the food chain, savage Amazonian vampires feast on them all! When a small plane carrying explorers and scientists crashes in the heretofore undiscovered valley, the men aboard must defend themselves against killer raptor lizards and terrifying pterosaurs. Eventually they will come face to face with the beautiful and barbarous Vampire Vixens!”

This piece won ‘Best Concept Art’ in the aforementioned CGSociety B-Movie Challenge.