Wandering Monsters


This piece was done for a competition over at CGSociety, the theme for which was “Strange Behavior.” So there’s a lot of strange behavior going on in this piece: If you ask the girls, they’d tell you that all the nerds engrossed in their role-playing games were the strange ones. But to me, it’s the girls themselves, judgmental and scornful of anyone with different interests, beliefs, or priorities who are the strange ones to be judging others.

I used 3DSMax to mock up the railing and the entire city in the background, because who wants to sketch out repeating patterns of intertwined ballustrades without guidelines?

Here in the close-ups, you can make out all of the game detail for the RPG they’re playing: It’s based in a human office, and the figurines all have laptops and briefcases and donuts. The manuals and dice are all in Tengwar, J.R.R. Tolkien’s written language of the Elves.