I was honored to be asked to design a logo for a new strategy game from mobile publisher Nexon-M. I worked for a couple of months on this project and developed numerous black and white sketches and full-color mock-ups. The game started out with just the name ‘Arcane Citadel’ but I also explored treatments for alternate names as well as subtitles for the game. These are just some of the many finished logos I produced for the project. The final game title is ‘Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages’ and you can see more about the game on its page on Facebook.

Some initial rough sketches.

As this was a high-profile project, I ended up thoroughly exploring several ides all the way to finished renders. In some cases, the development team had not yet fully finalized the game title. In case you're wondering about the interesting ‘A’ shape in some of the logo designs, it mimicked the silhouette of the in-game Arcane Citadel itself.
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