Logo Commissions:
A detailed, fully-rendered logo like most of the ones on my Logo Design page is $1000 USD.
A relatively simple 2- or 3-color vector-based logo – those are often company logos – is $850 USD.
And if you have something in-between, we can find some way to split the difference.
You get a full logo, the working files, and all rights to the final logo (but I get to show it in my portfolio once it’s public.)
If you’re interested, drop me a line at mdashow@michaeldashow.com or use the form below.
Illustration Commissions:
• Head only: $100 USD
• Head and torso: $180 USD
• Full body with limited background: $240 USD
• Extra characters cost the same as above.
• Small extra characters (ie. a cat, dog, bird, etc.) add 25% of price per pet.
• Graphic design additions (say, a logo for your illustration) also available: Contact me to discuss needs/costs.
• Anything that might be particularly time-intensive (example: super-detailed feathery wings) might cost extra, TBD.
• Use for resale: +50% of price
• Rush job: +50% of price
You must pay 50% in advance. I can take Paypal, Wire Transfer, Zelle (but not Venmo) or some other means to be mutually agreed upon.
What you get: A unique made-to-order full-color illustration of the subject you choose and a high-resolution (~3600-7000 pixels on a side) digital file.
What I will draw: You, a friend, a funny animal, a pin-up, your original character, a game or film character, etcetera.
What I won’t draw: Gore, or anything I just don’t think I’d be great at giving you a good picture of (like babies: I couldn’t even draw my own child as an infant, I’m sure not going to do a decent job on your kid!)
What do I mean by “limited background”: You get some color back there, maybe a prop or two or a piece of furniture, or the hint of a setting. You will not get a fully-rendered, detailed environment illustration. (You can, that just costs more and we’d need to discuss it.)
What sort of style will the artwork be in? Line art with detailed stylized rendering. It’s not flat cel-shaded, but it’s also not full-on painting. For a good idea, check out the bulk of what I’ve been posting on my Instagram account .
What can you use these illustrations for: Posting on social media (if you credit/link to me), printing out and hanging up on your wall, as your avatar or banner for a social media site, as a gift, etcetera. (I had one person make a custom puzzle out of an illustration of his wife recently!)
What you CAN’T use the illustration for: You cannot use the art on products that you sell. If you’re planning on merchandising my artwork (to sell or to give away for free), the cost goes up by 50% and must be discussed beforehand.
How long will it take: It entirely depends on my schedule, but let’s estimate approximately one month. (I’ve got a day job and other commitments; Commissions are not my full-time job.)
How much input will you get: You get to review and give me feedback on two rounds of working on the sketch, after which I move on to color. You will also get one round of input on the color version. (I often seek additional feedback to make sure you get what you want. Everyone's been quite happy with the work so far!) 
Is the price negotiable? If you're looking for a standard illustration, then no. If you are looking for something other than the one-off commission I've described here, drop me a line and we can discuss it. 
What if you don’t like the price I’m charging? My prices are what I charge and I’m not going to lower them just because you found other artists charging less. Go hire them instead. There will always be artists charging less (as well as those charging more.)
• All payments are final. I do not offer refunds.
• You may not sell or exchange my art in any form, physical or digital, print or NFT, under any circumstances unless you have my written permission AND you have paid for the right to do so. You may also not use my artwork in any published material – even if it’s free – on any physical or online marketplace.
• All artwork I create is my own. Unless exclusive rights are purchased, I retain all rights to use and monetize my artwork in any fashion I choose (although realistically I generally don’t resell or do anything with commissions, aside from posting them on social media.)
If you’re interested, please mail me at mdashow@michaeldashow.com or use the form below.
If you don’t hear back from me, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you; it means your message got trapped in the spam filter – alternately try messaging me on social media.
Thank you!
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