I love creating logos. Not just any logos, but fun, well-rendered logos that look great on a game's title page or box cover. Here are several that I've created for clients including Kabam, Tether Studios, Nexon, and many indie game studios. If you're interested in getting one for yourself, please see my Commissions page.

Tetra Tactics
Logo design for an indie game of the same name.
Game Design Game
Gems of Iridescia
logo design for a tabletop game from Rock Stone & Dice
The Legacy of Cthulhu
Logo design for a made-up horror game.
Star Wars: Uprising
Logo for a premier mobile Star Wars game from Kabam.
Arcane Citadel
Logo for an action/strategy mobile game from Big Huge Games and Nexon-M.
Mahjong Solitaire Cube
Logo for casual Mahjong game from Tether Studios.
Super Blast
Logo design for an e-sports themed competitive match-3 game from Tether Studios.
Party Blast
Logo for a casual match-3 mobile title from Tether Studios.
Sweeper Cube
Logo for a Minesweeper-like title from Tether Studios.
21 Blitz
Logo for a casual competitive Blackjack-inspired card game from Tether Studios.
Word Cube 2
Logo design for a Scrabble-like casual mobile game from Tether Studios.
Bubble Cube 2
Logo for a bubble shooter game by Tether Studios.
Impact Sports Cards & Collectibles
Logo design for a brick-and-mortar collectible card shop.
Darkness & Dawn
Logos for 'Dawn' & 'Darkness', two tabletop games from Green Meadow Games.
Axis Mundi
Logo for a tabletop game and entertainment company.
Deepwoods Academy
Book cover logo for a fictitious line of middle-grade books.
Bergo Burgers
Logo for an embroidered apron for a local software company.
Dracula's Feast: New Blood
Logo for a tabletop social-deduction game from Jellybean Games.
Logo for a line of tabletop social-deduction games about masked characters from Jellybean Games.
Please Don't Give the Animals Steroids
Logo for a humorous tabletop game about giving animals steroids.
Dagger Directive
Logo for an indie hardcore military FPS game.
Casino Nights
Logo design for an unreleased mobile card game.
Waffle Evil
Logo for an indie game company.
Logo for an indie 3D turn-based strategy video game.
Helheim Unbound
Logo for a tabletop game and accompanying rulebook.
Card Corps
Logo for a personal tabletop card battle game.
PlayStudios' MyVegas
Logos for PlayStudios' casino game MyVegas.
Arcane Empires
Logo for a steampunk-themed city-building game from Kabam.
Kingdoms of Camelot: Saxon Invasion
Logo for a mobile strategy game from Kabam.
Logo for a game studio within mobile published Kabam.
Mage Maze
Tachyon Publications
Logo for a science fiction and fantasy book publisher.
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