In addition to doing all of the game art and graphic design for Jellybean Games‘ rerelease of their hit title Dracula’s Feast, I was also asked to redo the game’s logo to better fit the monster movie poster visual style of the game update.  I strived to create a logo that both fit that new theme and harkened back to the original game’s logo.
In addition to the game logo, I developed 13 movie-poster-style logos, a unique treatment for each character in the game.

The logo in situ on the box cover. (All art and graphic design - except for the Jellybean company logo - are by me.)

The Logo for 'Night of the Mummy,' an Egyptian-themed sequel to 'Dracula's Feast.'

Logos for all of the creatures from both games, which appears on their respective horror-movie-like character cards.

Character logos as seen on some of their cards.

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