In early 2016, I teamed up with Trevor Lanz to form Waffle Evil Games and develop our own turn-based strategy game. Dwarfare is a strategy game where you collect Dwarves and send them into turn-based combat against a variety of foes. I designed the look of the game and created all artwork for it, including modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, environment art, and what little of the UI we managed to complete. The characters were specifically designed to be extremely efficient in texture usage (each character’s texture map was only 128×128 pixels) and because all Dwarves had the same stature, they could easily reuse others’ animations.
The environments were entirely modular. I built hexagon variations and props to populate them. Each zone had its own distinct palette that was tied to hexagon height. Trevor built a level editor in Unity and I used that and my exports to construct a bunch of different stylized levels where it was really clear where the spaces each Dwarf could move were.
Dwarfare is currently on hiatus.

The leader of your Dwarven crew, fighter Magnus Ironoath.

More Dwarves that you add to your team throughout the game. I did all of the character design, modeling, texturing and animation.

Various enemy characters.

Ranged attacker Ragnar Bronzebolt

A stone golem.

A Wraith. They can phaze through obstacles.

Grid-based game environments.

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