I spent much of 2018 creating concept art for Akili Interactive’s Endeavor game which helps treat ADHD in children ages 8-12. One of my many tasks was to develop fun costumes and skins for the “Akilian” alien characters that the players control. I did not develop the original Akilian character (top image) but I had the opportunity to develop many ‘skins’ – costumes and variations on the character – for players to collect. All of these skins were required to fit the proportions and body shape of the original Akilian (more or less) while bringing something exciting and new to the wardrobe collection. All costumes had to be shown in full detail and from all sides so that they could be modeled and textured by an external development house. Despite the large number of costumes shown here, I’m only displaying a portion of the ones I created for the game.
It’s also worth noting that at the time I worked on the game, the Akilians did not have eyeballs (as shown in the top image) and that was a trait that I had to continue through my designs. By the time they released the title, they had decided the characters did need eyeballs, but those changes are not reflected in my work here.

Original base Akilian. I didn't design this character, but all of my outfits needed to work with it.

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