In 2022, tabletop gaming company Ravensburger asked me to create all of the art for ‘Goats’ Day Out,’ a game for their ThinkFun division, a fun family game about a bunch of ravenous goats loose in the city and eating everything in sight. For this game, I created the cover art along with six player goat cards (each of which had to accommodate a space to place tiles in each one’s belly.) Then there were the dozens of different objects that the goats would eat, all designed to fit into tetromino shapes which the players would try to place in their goats’ bellies.
The game was released in 2023.

Box cover. Illustration by me, but not the logo nor the graphic design.

Back of box. Game illustrations by me, but not the graphic design.

Players' goat cards. To play the game, each player fills the grid in their goat's belly with various pieces to eat.

“Edible” objects, for very questionable and goat-relative values of "edible." I created 60 different tile objects for the goats to eat.

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