In Spring of 2023, I was asked to design the logo for my first brank and mortar store, a collectible card shop in Colorado Springs called Impact. The crew there were clear on what they wanted from the start: A logo with a fist, sports rings, an old-school sportsy look, and of course a strong impact! that gave me enough direction to explore a bunch of ideas and a wide array of color choices.
One of the biggest challenges here turned out to be devising a championship ring for Japanese collectible cards that didn’t fall into the sports category, such as Pokémon or Magic Cards, but without infringing on those companies’ trademarks. After much iteration, we landed on a magic wand to hind at the fantastic nature of those cards’ themes.
Learn more about the shop at their Instagram page.

Impact logo – varying number of colors.

Rough concepts.

Color exploration.

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