Mahjong Solitaire Cube is a skill-based mobile game from Tether Studios that I did all visuals for, from start to finish. The studio wanted a clean, traditional look for the tiles so I developed many different versions of both tiles and the traditional symbols on them, created the final game assets and implemented them in game. I also set up a system of layered sprites to allow the higher-up tiles to cast shadows on the lower ones, adding to the feeling of depth on-screen. I developed all UI and VFX - including some hand-animated effects for collecting tiles - and also created all assets outside of the game: Logo, app icon, app store screens, e-mail templates, web page banner, and more.

Iteration on different looks for the tiles, characters, backgrounds, and UI treatments for the game.

Iteration on some looks for the main game-screen UI

Title Screen. Rather than leaving this static, I designed this animated screen so that the tiles in this screen clear themselves – as though someone were playing – and then reset.

Pause screen UI. The fonts here are consistent with other Tether Solitaire games rather than the font used elsewhere in Mahjong.

In-game screenshots, showing the final UI and VFX.

Tile art, and a demo of tile shading that I worked with a coder to implement in-game to give the tiles more solidity and depth.

App Store screens.

Mahjong Solitaire Cube app icon

Banner for use on Facebook posts

Mahjong marketing banners – square

Mahjong e-mail template.

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