This tabletop game is a sequel to 2019’s successful Kickstarter campaign for the social/logical deduction game ‘Dracula’s Feast: New Blood’ from Jellybean Games. The first game was so successful that Jellybean immediately asked me to work on a second one in the series. ‘Night of the Mummy’ continues the theme of players getting assigned to play (thinly) disguised monsters at a party and trying to deduce each-others’ identities. This version takes place in the 1920s at a Museum of Unnatural History, where the mummies and other exhibits of Egyptology are coming to life and are joined by other famous monsters.
I created all of the artwork and graphic design for the game: All character portraits, box cover and back cover, all character logos, and more. The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April, 2020.
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