I am currently working on an indie project Puzzle Spy International, a short puzzle game with visual novel elements. It's a fun sixties spy adventure in a retry Mid-Century Modern art style. I am creating and implementing all of the art and UI for the game, as well as co-writing it with my wife, and designing all of the puzzles together as well. There is no set release date but we hope to have a demo of the game playable before the end of 2024.
Parallax animation on the game's title screen. Original music for the project is by Alex Doty.
You'll have to forgive the "Latinization" of all of the text on the puzzle pages: We don't want to give away all of the puzzles! 
This title is still in development, and you can follow along on the devBlog, Puzzle Spy International (on Instagram.) I post there at least once a week. 
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