Super Blast is a fast-paced competitive match-3 game designed for the Skillz platform.
My role was crafting the entire look and feel of this title. I created all of the visuals for Super Blast, including all in-game tiles and backgrounds, character and uniform designs, every bit of UI, and all visual effects, and implemented everything in Unity. (Also the game logo, app icon, and some marketing imagery.)
For this casual competitive mobile title, Tether wanted to convey a more competitive and mature vibe. My directive was to make it polished and slick, like an eSports scoreboard or a professional sports broadcast. In this game, you try to clear colors as fast as possible, make best use of the power-ups provided, and score well enough to make it to the Bonus Round where your score (and the game background) skyrockets into the stratosphere!

SuperBlast title screen with characters and logo.

Game screenshots: Basic instructions and some early game power-ups in use.

Game screenshots: More powerful effects (gained by triggering multiple adjacent power-ups) and the start of the game’s Bonus Mode where we leave the Arena and soar up into the sky.

Game screenshots: This is the Bonus Mode, where the player has cleared all red, green and blue tiles and the game adds high-scoring Silver tiles onto the board.

‘How to Play’ tutorial.

Some of the game’s UI screens.

Some iteration on the look and feel of the Game Summary screen, drawing upon sports stats graphics for inspiration.

Iteration on the game characters’ eSports uniform designs.

An early version of the eSports team characters who greet you in the game. The more realistic rendering style didn’t test well so we ended up pivoting to a more stylized approach.

These were the final characters as they appeared in-game, the less rendered style ultimately giving the characters more appeal to our players.

Concept exploration for the game app icon, along with the final choice.

Ideas for the game’s logo.

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