From 2019 to 2022 I worked at mobile game studio Tether Studios creating art and UI work for their extensive catalog of casual competitive games. For many games, I created literally every piece of art in the game, including initial concepts and character designs, all game UI and VFX, implementing all of it in Unity, and them all of the marketing art, including game logo, app icon, app store screenshots, web page banners, and more. This page features some of the many titles I created UI for.
In the case of Party Blast and Super Blast, everything you see here, top to bottom, is my work. In the case of Bubble World, an unreleased FTP mobile title, the bulk of the work shown is mine but a bit of the UI work is also by Caryn Ruah. Caryn created the header UI and some of the pips in the screens 2 and 3 and the tabs and layout on the last 2 screenshots.
The files here are actually quite large so feel free to zoom in to see everything.
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